Magnetic Field Stimulation

Regenerative effect

An intensification of the processes of oxygen utilization and tissue respiration as a result of intensified diffusion as well as oxygen capture by hemoglobin and cytochrome chiefly determines the basis of regenerative effects. The increased capture of oxygen is associated with a stimulation of the processes of tissue respiration, DNA synthesis and acceleration of the mitotic cycle. As a result, magnetic fields treat trophic lesions of the shank, accelerate the healing of ulcerous niches, improve the cellular metabolism of the central nervous system and accelerate regeneration of damaged peripheral nerves.


How does it work?

Very weak currents generated due to interaction on piezoelectric substances e.g. collagen, stimulate the activity of osteoblasts. It is aided by intensification of vasodilatatory effects.  It has also been observed that a magnetic field inhibits demineralization processes of the bones and, at the same time, increases their mineralization – which is evaluated by densitometry.

Anti-inflammatory action is connected with the stimulation of formation of c-AMP and E prostaglandin. Prostaglandin influences the accumulation of c-AMP, which decreases the secretion of inflammation mediators from neutrophiles, basophiles, mastocytes and lymphocytes.

Relaxing and antispastic effect on the nervous system
In case of the nervous system, magnetic fields also improve the interneuron conductivity and modulation of neuron activity as well as the pineal gland’s twenty-four hour rhythms of melatonin secretion, which is called” the scavenger of free radicals” responsible, among others, for the aging process. The pulsating magnetic fields generated by the Viofor JPS clearly modify the amplitude value of alpha and theta wave rhythms in proper directions, characteristic for the physiological state of relaxation – objectively measurable and indicated by value of the demobilization of the autonomous system. The results of psychophysical testing, as a part of psychotherapy of emotionally immature people point to Viofortherapy as a method of choice for these people. What is more, it is a non-invasive method applied equally in medicine as in psychology.

Viofor JPS system magnetostimulation has a documented analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antispastic, regenerative effect; it also improves blood circulation. Magnetostimulation is particularly recommended to treat pain of various origin, motor system diseases or neurological diseases. It is very effective in posttraumatic, post-burn and neurological rehabilitation.

Magnetic Field Stimulation for children and youths

(also for animals in some cases) is used in:

*diseases of nervous system accompanied by spasticity, neuroses,concentration disorders, sleep disorders, soft and hard tissue injuries.

For sportsmen and active people.
VioforJPS System allows shortening the time of the post-exercise restitution, improve concentration, speed up sport injures treatment,  reduce the pain associated  with the professional practice of sport.

In cosmetology
Viofor JPS Light and MagneticLight generate monochromatic light by high-energy LED. Indications: anti-photoaging, skin regeneration, dermatological diseases.

Viofor JPS System performs medical procedures according to the Interanational Classification of Medical Procedures.
Areas of aplication include: rehabilitation, general medicine, sports medicine, dentistry. 

Wellness & SPA
Viofor JPS devices emitting monochromatic light and pulsed low frequency magnetic field are used for health and beauty – accelerate the regeneration, wellness, helps the treatment of depression.

The pulsed magnetic field and light energy generated by Viofor JPS have strong analgesic, anti-inflammatory, regenerative and improving peripheral circulation activity.That is why the device is so effective eg.: in musculosceletal system diseases, circulatory disorders orneurological diseases. Viofor JPS allows You to limit the number of drugs used,eg.: analgesics, anti-inflammatory or antidepressants. The aim is to improve the quality of life, also in the mental sphere.



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