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Nutrition has a central role in traditional chinese medicine , and aparently dietetitians were considered the most important health practicioners in ancient China. According to philosophy, the life energy “qi” is composed of yin and yang. These two opposites have to be in balance—if not, illness ensues. “Qi” is absorbed from food—therefore, it probably seemed obvious to the physicians of ancient China that food somehow has to reflect that balance.

Chinese Food Therapy is a mode of dieting rooted in Chinese understandings of the effects of food on the human organism,and centred on concepts such as eating in moderation. Its basic precepts are a mix of folk views and concepts drawn from traditional Chinese medicine. It was the prescientific analog of modern medical nutrition therapy and now qualifies as alternative a mode of dieting rooted in Chinese medicine.

Chinese traditional medicine

The basic idea

The qi and the body fluids

The basic idea is to balance the qi and the body fluids — the fundamentals of Chinese traditional medicine. It is thought that a healthy body or organ has a proper balance of these things. When they are out of balance, there is disease or sickness.
The ancient texts described not only what to prepare for meals, but also how to eat meals. You might be surprised at these Chinese customs about eating meals that have been part of the culture for hundreds of years.

All foods are categorized by qi temperature, ranging from high yang to high yin, and one of the five food flavors (sour, sweet, bitter, hot and salty). A food item’s qi temperature and specific flavor influences the body in its own way.
It is thought that people should generally include all the flavors in every meal and balance the “heat”. Most Chinese people think that if too much of one type of food is consumed, it can cause an imbalance in the body.

In Chinese medicine, there are not ‘good’ foods or ‘bad’ foods; there are appropriate foods for each individual and inappropriate food for a specific individual, just as there are appropriate herbs for each individual depending on what their health needs.
I will help you to understand and to find the best way of nourishment for you .


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