non-invasive method

Cellular Music Therapy by Tunning Forks

Welcome to a new world of health, balance, and happiness.

Tunning Forks

A non-invasive method always bringing about positive results for all body cells what almost immediately improves our comfort and frame of mind.
The frequencies come from simple instruments called tuning forks, that can be applied by the people themselves regardless of their musical knowledge or the stage of sickness. Simple usage makes them easy and pleasant therapy tools and excludes any side effects.
Music Therapy is very relaxing and brings about the inner serenity and joy.

Tune & Heal mission

Healing with Sound

Everything in our world is vibration and the human being is no exception! This music therapy will make Your Mind relaxed, Your  Body balanced and strong.

This music therapy can effect significant changes to the Body, Mind, and Spirit – providing balance and allowing natural healing to take place. Based on clinical research, unique vibrations/wavelengths of sound were discovered which are in harmony with specific areas of the body, mind, and spirit in humans.


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